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RENOWNED INTERNATIONAL & NATIONAL AWARD WINNING GOLD MEDALIST CONSULTANT Astro Vastu World is the hub of vaastu, vedic astrology, gemology and other mystic sciences that pours its light into your life through the divine channel of Vivek Chopra, its founder and astro guru.

Awarded as Best Astrologer, Vastu Expert and Numerologist

Vivek Chopra gained name and fame as an astrologer and vaastu consultant. His insightful guidance using these occult tools helped businessmen, celebrities and people from all walks of life to find direction and momentum in their lives. His fame caught attention of newspapers and TV channels who invited to speak and do shows. Today Vivek has millions of followers throughout the world.

Do you know your lucky number? Do you know which dates and days are lucky for you? If no, follow Numerology to unlock the positive secrets of life. A person is connected with numbers like date of birth, anniversary date, phone number, etc in his or her whole life.


Bringing Happiness in your Life, Serving Community in over 50 Countries across 5 Continents

Some people believe in fate and that a man’s destiny is written before he is born. Jyotish and vedic astrology do prove this to some extent. An individual’s horoscope may have some malefic planets and he may be experiencing the effects of actions in his past life, but there is always a solution. Astro Vastu World finds that solution for you. An individual is a representation of the cosmic universe since he contains the panch tattvas (five elements) inside him. If there is balance inside and outside, a person progresses. Sometimes there are internal and external blockages. Use of gems helps channel the cosmic flow of energy as well as clear blockages and remove impediments. Gems reduce malefic effects of plants or provide synergistic power. An individual is also closely connected to family, home and workplace. This is where resonance of Vaastu harmonies apply. If the vaastu of his house or his person are in conflict there are tensions and progress is impeded. Astro Vastu Experts leverage vaastu powers to bring peace. There are additional channels of Yantra, Mantra and tantra. One must never give up or say “it is fate”. You can change your fortune and your future with our help and we are here to help.

Vastu shastra

Vastu -Shastra is a Vast and ancient science of living. The word Vaastu is derived from the root Vas which means to reside.
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Five Elements

All objects of this universe are made of five elements basically. These five basic elements are (1) Earth or Soil (2) Water (3) Fire (4) Air (5) Space ( Aakash ). These are called “Panch Mahabhoot”
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It was observed by the ancient Astronomers that many changes occurred within the 30 degree zones mapped out by the Zodiac. It was therefore, found necessary to subdivide each of the twelve sections or Signs of the Zodiac.
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Can astrology change my destiny? Can its advice guide me through all obstacles in my life? The answer is in ‘yes’. Astrology benefits to know your personality type, hidden skills, physical traits and abilities.
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vedic astrology

Vedic Astrology is an ancient Indian science which explains planetary motions and positions with respect to time and their effect on humans and other entities on earth.


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